A trusted support vendor within excess of 75,000 clients worldwide, is an India-based organisation offering high level on-demand support to subscribers. With fully customised services offered across a range of platforms, technology has become a much trusted asset both in the home, and commercially.

Having started in 2009 with start-up operations based in the US and UK, a worldwide need for the specialist services provided by Techvedic resulted in rapid expansion and new branches opening in both Canada and Australia. With the expansion of the company as a whole, the services on offer and areas of expertise have also developed greatly.

Remaining focused on delivering high-level service, Techvedic have become more responsive and flexible, incorporating both home and corporate services through the development of the XpertCrew™. Later inclusion of a review portal, called Rigviews, aims to further simplify technology and it’s expansive array of terms, empowering clients rather than confusing them with jargon. By providing a service which allows clients to take total control of their technology purchases, while given peace of mind that Techvedic have recommended products, client relations are further enhanced.

Though larger in size, Techvedic remains dedicated to its core goals, those of increased client satisfaction, and problem free technology for all users.



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